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             an you feel thespill android app is political location based game. The goal of the game is                  to  collect spilled oil in the region of Curonian spit before you’re time runs out. At every                   location you can encounter a new oil spill related problem that makes your task difficult. The game can only be played around the Lithuanian region of Neringa especially in the town of Nida. Created by the Les Mislerables art collective.

Gameplay / art design: ISIDORA TODOROVIĆ; Game theory: ANDREA PALAŠTI; Programming: LUKA RANISALJEVIĆ. The game was created during a residency programme in Nida Art Colony or NAC, Lithuania, subdivision of the Vilnius Academy of Arts.


The game was exibited in:
2013. Fields exhibition,Arsenals Exhibition Hall of the Latvian National Arts Museum (LNAM) ,Produced by RIXC
2013. Тechnoecologies exibition, Museum of conemporary art, Novi Sad
2014. SUTRA/TOMORROW (Blend of Art, Technology, Diversity and Authenticity) festivall, Belgrade Youth Centre
Antropology of travel, exibition, Issu PerpetumMobile – Belgrade



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