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                Format the art and design collective. A3.Format is formed as a response to the lack of                   public space for the free expression of thought. Only limit fot this art/design project is
             the limit of the A3 format 29.7 x42 cm on a digital canvas. It depicts simple ideas and thoughts that occupy the mind, from a completely personal views on basic human rights, from art to politics, from economics to ecology ... A3.Format is is a digital platform that resembles a public stage in Hyde Park, where anyone can share their thoughts and impressions and is presented in the form of blog.




A3.Format work is shown at the:
2008th Exhibition of works by the new members of the Union of Artists of Vojvodina (SULUV), gallery SULUV
2008th the XIII Biennial of Young Artists from Europe and the Mediterranean, Puglia, Italy
2009th the exhibition A3Format groups, Closet, Novi Sad
2009th New Galleries in newspapers # 18, Publisher: What, How and for Whom / What, How and for Whom, Zagreb, December



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