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              ne Good Day (45.2500N 19.8500E) is location based political game for Android. The                      game contains specific geo-locative and political information about the city. The goal of                the game is to survive for a day (defined as 73 minutes of game play). Your character tries any means necessary to survive, including common criminal practices in Novi Sad (from stealing telephone cables and bicycles to selling your vote on the ballot paper or paying off a corrupted official.) Because this is a location based game you roam through Novi Sad and experience corruption spots in the game and in real life at the same moment. The game is firmly tied to issues of corruption, political or religious misuse of power and as such is an indicator of past and current problems surrounding power struggles within the city of Novi Sad. One Good Day is somewhat an alternative guide to Novi Sad, because by walking through the most memorable and iconic buildings of Novi Sad you learn about the stories of the corruption, political struggles and identity struggles within them. By using a playful/ironic language and a conceptual framework, most of the mechanics/strategies in the game are chosen to reflect micro-social power struggles.



Тhe game was exibited at the Videomedeja festival 2013. where it recivied the Bogdanka Poznanović prize for best interactive instalation.



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